Tuesday, 17 August 2010


Tragic accident?

Since this morning I got really scared about what I found in Charlotte (N1MKA4eva)'s guestbook: Servati (rumorred to be Teale) left some comments something about an accident with the trains in Paris. I knew that Charlotte has just left in vacation to Paris so of course I got really scared, seeing that hour by hour "R.I.P" messages kept appearing.

I just couldn't beleive this (and I'm still NOT) so I searched right away news related in my language, english and french. However, I didn't fin
d anything to match at all.

Well, since I'm leaving now in my mini vacation, I have to give you the links with some articles which I totally agree with:

Well, I really do tend to beleive this is whole Servati's plan, at least after I've seen the broadcasts and her message (SMW- source). But does Charlotte know any of this or Servati is just taking advantage of her vacation?

Lady Gossip

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Dollywood Gossip said...

Poor little C. The truth will eventually come out.

xoxo Dolly Woods