Friday, 30 July 2010

Dream couple to broke up?

I got in the last few days some hints about filipinhamaria and llcooljason split but I never thought that's possible. Still, when someone really trustly confirmed me this I started to believe:
Their suites are changed and I found a tearful Filipa with a blurry beggining of presentation. Also, all the pictures with them have disapeared. I asked her about this in a friend request but she didn't reply.

Did you expected that? Do you think they will get back togheter?Only time will tell....

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I just realised that you don't know anything about me. I'm, besides the owner of this blog, a HUGE fashionista, obssesed with latest trends and collections. Don't get me wrong, I don't wear only clothes that are in fashion, I just choose the trends I like and combine them with my own personal style.

So, as you may have guessed this article is all about FLORAL TREND(that's a pitty that we have only one month in summer left). I remember it was may and I was looking at the newest collections. I could see everywhere at least a floral blouse, skirt, pants even sport shoes! Then I read lots of blogs claiming that this summer is all about "FLORALS, ARMY&NUDE COLOURS". That was quite interesting cause FLORAL was at the beggining only a spring trend which extended to summer trend too.

Before that, I was usualy wearing jeans(skirt or pants), funky flats, a cute top and maybe some coloured accesories. Ruffles? Not so often. But I just liked the way ruffles go with floral prints and my style this summer changed's say 120 degrees. Also, I like the fact that with this print you can be feminine and edgy too. How? Well, mixing this with army or with a boyfriend blazer(I like the re-use of winter must-haves in summer :D).

In your oppinion, is FLORAL PRINT just a girlie trend or a trend that adapts with your style and shows your feminine side? Have you worn something floral this summer(a headband, some bangles maybe a bag)?

I've noticed that Stardoll counted this trend too, by including it into Pretty IN Pink Shop( by the way, lots of floral stuff are for sale right now) so I thought this blog should have its own VERY FIRST COMPETITION.

1. You have to be a follower of this blog.
2. You have to be a superstar (sorry, but that's the only way I can pay the prize)
3. You can use both interior items and clothing .
4. You have to put the oufitt on tinypic and send me the link in DOLL MAIL or IN COMMENTS at this article.
5. You can entry this competitions untill 5th of august.

1st place:100 stardollars and one week guest writter on this blog.
2nd place:60 stardollars
consolation prize: People who didn't win will be automatically put in a RAFFLE, for chance of winning 40 stardollars.

Entries will be posted here and I'll make a poll. You ABSOLUTELY can't ask your friends to vote. If I find out about it, you'll be imideately withheld from the competition.

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I just considerred these posts too valueable to quote cause they are all full of coments of all kinds and, if you haven't read them yet I think you seriously need to:

MEOW MUCH- BMK BLOG - hilarious post.

Scared Tyler's going to steal a idea? - KOM

Hasta La Vista Lolita Loca- PSG

DG disaster and realisation - PSG

Lady Gossip xx.

French Flamingo parties

It is going to be a full weekend at FF NightClub! I'm speaking about the 2 parties which are set. They have completely diffrent themes and they are both sounding promissing:

Invitations have been realised by Poison Magazine's owner, Psychotic-Freak.

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Thursday, 29 July 2010

Recherce Party

It seems that Recherche Magazine's new issue will come out soon! I like the way that it never took a long break and it's amaizing to see how the graphics improved!

Speaking about graphics, I was kept looking at the hairstyles and I couldn't remember where I knew that style from. Then it hit me. Lily Rose (doinker_chic) is the author of the first tutorials that I ever read about Stardoll graphics. I thank her for them and wish her good luck with the magazine :)

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Wednesday, 28 July 2010


Stardoll world slowly awakens and more and more magazines prepare their comeback/first launch. I just realised that I should make a list(no particular order):

Spoilers- :Statement Magazine- owned by looc123. The graphic and the motto are absolutely fabulous! But who will be the cover girl? You can see their official webpage and club.

Eternity. Legendary. We got to see the key-words of the issue. In case you don't know their blog click HERE and HERE for the official club.

Runaway magazine- owned by Vasia (vasia28) the comeback issue will sounds great cause this summer is all about hippie and army trends. See their page HERE.
Lipstick Magazine- The original owner, Miss_LolitaF asked Laura(Lizs) to continue the magazine. I'm really curious to see what will come out... Blog:

Donna Magazine- Molly(SmoothieLove) made a great job with the comeback number of Donna. It's really worth reading(click HERE)!

Newbys in town-

COVER Magazine- Owned by lovekuting this magazine grew right away! After it's first number with Erin (x.optimistic.x) on the cover, Miki already prepared the fall spoiler.

vaniTEEN- owned by fashionables Noralie (BabetteCouture) and Selina(fig36) this magazine was founded in july, this year, and is getting ready for its first debut. Official page HERE.

Passion Magazine- owned by iovanca and daisy-croatia it is set to come this month! I think the graphic is great!
Julie (Brumilicious) just launched her magazine "Deliverance". It's great & you can see she really put a lot of effort in it. Read it HERE.

Acording to KingOfMedia, Eccentric magazine may have its own fashionable comeback!

In other words, it seems like we'll have something to read& share our impressions about very soon!!!

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Baya spices PSG up

Baya just started her work for PSG and it already began to shape up...And by that I mean the "Biggest Famewhore Poll". This article has 47 comments (old and, like Mary says:
Now, seriously, you have to see the whole article with comments HERE. Sounds like we're going to some drama, at last....

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Get Ready: Stardoll Fashion Week!

Fashion Group has a new genious project going on: Stardoll Fashion Week! And there are some super exciting news! Mary(writemarycat) messaged Stardoll Staff about it and they agreed to release the fashion lines of the stardoll members on Starplazza! Also, they want to keep in touch with her and find out how the project goes.

The participation will be only with invites. To find out more, go to their official website.

Isn't that just GREAT???? What designer are you anxious to see on Starplazza?

Lady Gossip xx.

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

PSG has a new writer!

You heard well! Baya (EliteNews) is the new writer for PSG! I think that Charlotte(N1mka4eva) made the best decision by picking her because she is such a kind person, yet a great journalist.

We all loved the old PSG, with Dan and Perez, but lately all the spirit has gone. I'm really confident that Baya will bring it back!

But that's not all! We found out this and the fact that Miss_LolitaF have been fired from PSG, because of advertisments on her projects, apparently.

Anyway, I'm really looking forward for the new improved PSG and I wish Baya and Charlotte good luck! :)

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Monday, 26 July 2010

Thoughts about FAU...

Ah...finally home! It seems I miss some major things like Manolo DiCicco's comeback and the more and more magazines spoilers. What is the highest? The FIRST university on Stardoll, Fashion Arts University(FAU) founded by Fashion Group.

I was so anxious that I finished read everything about it within few minutes (I admit that it took me 20 minutes the page to open though-I wasn't at home at that point). I loved the idea and the fact that Mary gave 3 of 10 places to study for free or charge of one course. Also, the fact that Mary will teach Graphic Design was shocking as well (in a good way!).

But not everyone thought the same way. There were several complains about the prices of the courses and there were gossips about Mary doing this to get virtually rich. I shout my mouth until I
saw Mary's statement which was exactly I was thinking too:

Mary really prooved fierce and the fact she really wants to do something for Stardoll community by letting the prices of GD at 250 stardollars. Everything started to clear up and everyone is peaceful again. But is it really fair to find out genious secrets in 13 lessons for this low price? I think NOT.

Oh! I forgot to mention the fact that Fashion Group it's planning a "Stardoll Fashion Week" and a re-launch of Eternity:
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Saturday, 17 July 2010

Dress Mania

From left to right: bluegreen86, gabby1822, GothRibbon, hay_lin75

After the grand succes of Mary(writemarycat)'s LACE.D dresses, her BFF, Charlotte (N1MKA4EVA) just launched a line of daily-wear dresses, some very special ones.

I love the both models because LACE.D it's an evening elegant gown while Charlotte's dresses are full of alive colours&prints. They are, mainly, MUST-HAVES in every medoll closet.

Of course most of you agree with me, cause I see all around users wearing Charlotte's creations (don't forget that a week ago everyone was wearing LACE.D as well).

Do you own&wear any of these dresses? If not, after this article, are you considering in buying one?

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Thursday, 15 July 2010

The Late Night Awards

Chad (MadWorld) is setting up a ceremony which he named "The Late Night Awards".

The cool thing about it is that readers have something to say and they can say their oppinions about the awards out loud. Plus, who doesn't love to see what glamorous oufitts are worn on the red carpet? For more informations click HERE.

Extra points for the trophy ;)

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Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Mary's fresh starting

Yesterday, Mary made a statement on Fashion Group. Welll, I took a quote:

Well, I gotta say that I am planning on some kind of renovation. I am planning to make things clear with the Fashion Group, and me and Charlotte are getting more people on the FG and Eternity magazine's team. New issue we've planned is going to be a blast, sadly Coco has left the building having a little 'Vasia Syndrome', but I am sure she'll be back when she gets bored. Oh, and of course, we needs graphics designers for Eternity, because I can't handle the whole *hint* September Issue. Also, a public statement to Maggie or whoever else in Dioshmardi group: You could at least try not to copy the... everything?
YAY!!!So Eternity's baaaack! Also why did Mary said that to Maggie (findurlove)? Well, she found this icon:
Now...this reminded me too of something:Of course, Mary and Maggie excanged some um... thoughts...about this:

Now here is my favorite line:

I am gonna take over the Fashion Group again, and can you smell the fire somewhere here?
Yes, we can :)

Lady Gossip


Miss Lolita's poser I found something interesting yesterday but I had to take a walk with my parents. Well, not before I print-screen-ed some evidence.

It all began with a entry in Charlotte (N1MKA4EVA)'s guestbook claiming that 24selena stole all her LE and hacked her.
Of course it was obious it was a POSER, cause if Lolita have really been hacked, I'm sure she would write about that on PSG or on BMK blog. Yet, I visited the REAL Miss_LolitaF and my thoughts were confirmed. Lolita had all her LE.

Notice the fact that the presentation message is gone today, since everyone found out the truth :)

Now....who is the poser? Just someone who wants a little attetion and 24selena gets reported. Why 24selena? Well...I don't really care, francly.


Devie44 comes out of the closet

I'm sure most off you may have received Devie44( Kristen, actually Patrick)'s message:
Hi, I know I was supposably a guy and I denied it. I really am a male. I am sorry for lying I just wasnt ready to come out at the time, but now I am because I found out from some other people that have done this that its okay to be a male and to be on this site. So if you think im weird or want to delete me off your friends list I understand.. Thanks, Kristen ah no I mean Patrick

Surpised or not? Either way, I don't feel like it's a weird thing to have boys on Stardoll. In fact, it's a lot more fun!

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Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Link Link

Hellor, dears! Sorry for not posting but I'm out of town, in my vacation and I olnly got like, 15 minutes a day to check my mails and Stardoll latest gossip. Anyways, I made sometime to show you them:

  • Late Night With Chad- Chad (MadWorld) has a project going on! It's about a gossip blog combined with fashion and interviews. Also, there an interesenting article about "Miss Stardoll" pagent.
  • Also, you must read the newest article of BMK blog+the comments.
  • PSG is looking for a new writer! Miss_LolitaF just made the public today. To apply click HERE.
  • Linda (aka kingOfMedia) discovered something: Teale is backkkk?>
  • Basing on the fact that "negative publicity is STILL publicity" Ashley (queen-of-mean.) made her first appereance on Elite News
  • Also , Tyler( PonijsLV) wrote his first history post about Stardoll. Go check it out!
Well......I hope I make time in these 2 weeks to post something :)

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Saturday, 10 July 2010

Ashley: got a boyfriend or an enemy?

Advertisment: Drama here!

I just got a tip from somebody whose identity will be reavealed later. What's about? Well, aparently Ashley (queen-of-mean.) has a boyfriend! That's pretty predictable but. . . the question is: the boyfriend is real or FAKE?

It was intriguing at first, but I was told this "lover" appeared first at To_royal's party: Hm...only one line????Then he dissapeared for good? Plus, notice that Ashley didn't reply immediately.

That's not
all! He did the same thing at the French Flamingo Nightclub opening too!
Plus notice the fact (s)he joined Stardoll on 1st of July 2010 seven days discovered his soul mate?

Now, we know Ashley it's a sweet talented girl, with desires of becoming an elite, but isn't creating a fake boyfriend a little desperate? Well, fake boyfriend or not, sounds like Ashley just got an enemy!

Lady Gossip

Miss Stardoll

I came across to Erienne (X.OPTIMISTIC.X)' s new project sponsored by Tylerisbold agency:PR NOW. It's called MissStardoll and I think you should keep an eye on. Here is some basic information I got from the official page:
Our Goal
To help others become the best they can be. To feel accepted and beautiful like we know they are. Miss Stardoll accepts all users of every kind. Does the shoe fit? Show us by applying!

Set Up
15 misses and 15 teens will be assigned tasks that should be completed in a certain amount of time, and if not, the user will be eliminated
automatically. The user's tasks will be judged by quality and effort, and that only.

Prizes 1st Prize winner - Popularity on Stardoll, Posts in popular Stardoll blogs and magazines, An automatic modeling position in Distinct Models, Confidence
2nd Runner Up - Popularity on Stardoll, Posts in popular Stardoll blogs and magazines, Confidence
3rd Runner Up - Popularity on Stardoll, Posts in popular Stardoll blogs, Conifidence

Tasks Information
Tasks will be posted in the Miss Stardoll official club on Stardoll and this blog every Friday for one month and must be completed by Sunday, so make sure to be on top of your game.


Erienne (x.optimistic.x)

Tyler (Tylerisbold)

Alice (alice2078)

Ciara (CiaraLeanne)

So, what do you think? Will you apply too?



Project WannaBe:Are you ready for it?

When I started this blog I already had in mind a main column: Project WannaBe. What's about? Well, since many girls dream to be elite and they've got a lot of potential I will feature them on my blog and tell my honest oppinion after analysing them from many angles (best friend list, clubs, parties they have attended, current projects etc.) The first post it's saved in drafts and it's waiting..

Waiting for what? Waiting the blog to reach 10 followers.

I know. I'm mean. It's in my nature.

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PS: Sorry the new banner is so bad, but my Photoshop licence expired :(

Friday, 9 July 2010

The NEW Makeover? REALLLY?

Plase tell me it's 1st of April. This is the BIG makeover? Ok, I would had nothing against pastels and flowers and bubbles but it's totally exausting! I mean, instead of keeping those little icons which you can acces always and the chat to see who is online they've come up with this...thing. It took me 2 minutes to find my inbox! Oohhhh...and Guestbook! How will look the parties like with those GB? And only 3 last visitors???? And what about "BEST FRIENDS". View more? Really? NEW MAKEOVER: YAY or NAY?

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The Insider

I was visiting BadMediaKarma blog when something caught my attention. It seems that the blog has a new team member. It sounds dangerous! I can't wait!

Edit: Here it's The Insider's opinion about all the drama between Maggie(findurlove), Sloane(Slaggot) and Vasia(Vasia 28):

For those who don't know(if that's possible) King Of Media surprises all in an great post.

What side are you?

Lady Gossip

Brand New Stardoll

Well, the BIG Makeover is on it's way!!!! If you don't have any more patience and you want to see some sneak-peeks, go to Stardoll's Most Wanted.

Also, even I couldn't attend to the party at French Flamingo Nightclub I heard it was a blast and there will be many more! To see the official best-dressed list, go HERE.

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