Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Mary's fresh starting

Yesterday, Mary made a statement on Fashion Group. Welll, I took a quote:

Well, I gotta say that I am planning on some kind of renovation. I am planning to make things clear with the Fashion Group, and me and Charlotte are getting more people on the FG and Eternity magazine's team. New issue we've planned is going to be a blast, sadly Coco has left the building having a little 'Vasia Syndrome', but I am sure she'll be back when she gets bored. Oh, and of course, we needs graphics designers for Eternity, because I can't handle the whole *hint* September Issue. Also, a public statement to Maggie or whoever else in Dioshmardi group: You could at least try not to copy the... everything?
YAY!!!So Eternity's baaaack! Also why did Mary said that to Maggie (findurlove)? Well, she found this icon:
Now...this reminded me too of something:Of course, Mary and Maggie excanged some um... thoughts...about this:

Now here is my favorite line:

I am gonna take over the Fashion Group again, and can you smell the fire somewhere here?
Yes, we can :)

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