Tuesday, 27 July 2010

PSG has a new writer!

You heard well! Baya (EliteNews) is the new writer for PSG! I think that Charlotte(N1mka4eva) made the best decision by picking her because she is such a kind person, yet a great journalist.

We all loved the old PSG, with Dan and Perez, but lately all the spirit has gone. I'm really confident that Baya will bring it back!

But that's not all! We found out this and the fact that Miss_LolitaF have been fired from PSG, because of advertisments on her projects, apparently.

Anyway, I'm really looking forward for the new improved PSG and I wish Baya and Charlotte good luck! :)

Lady Gossip


Baya Nikolas said...

Thank you.

HausOfGossip said...

You are welcome! I've seen that you already bringed some life there!