Saturday, 17 July 2010

Dress Mania

From left to right: bluegreen86, gabby1822, GothRibbon, hay_lin75

After the grand succes of Mary(writemarycat)'s LACE.D dresses, her BFF, Charlotte (N1MKA4EVA) just launched a line of daily-wear dresses, some very special ones.

I love the both models because LACE.D it's an evening elegant gown while Charlotte's dresses are full of alive colours&prints. They are, mainly, MUST-HAVES in every medoll closet.

Of course most of you agree with me, cause I see all around users wearing Charlotte's creations (don't forget that a week ago everyone was wearing LACE.D as well).

Do you own&wear any of these dresses? If not, after this article, are you considering in buying one?

Lady Gossip


Anonymous said...

Thanks for featuring.


Mary said...

Thanks ! Nice blog, good luck! xx

HausOfGossip said...

@Christine I just thought you are wearing very well Charlotte's design

@Mary Thanks! I will definetely need luck ... :)

hay_lin75 said...

Thanx for featuring me! Your blog is great! I followed ;)