Monday, 26 July 2010

Thoughts about FAU...

Ah...finally home! It seems I miss some major things like Manolo DiCicco's comeback and the more and more magazines spoilers. What is the highest? The FIRST university on Stardoll, Fashion Arts University(FAU) founded by Fashion Group.

I was so anxious that I finished read everything about it within few minutes (I admit that it took me 20 minutes the page to open though-I wasn't at home at that point). I loved the idea and the fact that Mary gave 3 of 10 places to study for free or charge of one course. Also, the fact that Mary will teach Graphic Design was shocking as well (in a good way!).

But not everyone thought the same way. There were several complains about the prices of the courses and there were gossips about Mary doing this to get virtually rich. I shout my mouth until I
saw Mary's statement which was exactly I was thinking too:

Mary really prooved fierce and the fact she really wants to do something for Stardoll community by letting the prices of GD at 250 stardollars. Everything started to clear up and everyone is peaceful again. But is it really fair to find out genious secrets in 13 lessons for this low price? I think NOT.

Oh! I forgot to mention the fact that Fashion Group it's planning a "Stardoll Fashion Week" and a re-launch of Eternity:
Lady Gossip

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