Saturday, 10 July 2010

Ashley: got a boyfriend or an enemy?

Advertisment: Drama here!

I just got a tip from somebody whose identity will be reavealed later. What's about? Well, aparently Ashley (queen-of-mean.) has a boyfriend! That's pretty predictable but. . . the question is: the boyfriend is real or FAKE?

It was intriguing at first, but I was told this "lover" appeared first at To_royal's party: Hm...only one line????Then he dissapeared for good? Plus, notice that Ashley didn't reply immediately.

That's not
all! He did the same thing at the French Flamingo Nightclub opening too!
Plus notice the fact (s)he joined Stardoll on 1st of July 2010 seven days discovered his soul mate?

Now, we know Ashley it's a sweet talented girl, with desires of becoming an elite, but isn't creating a fake boyfriend a little desperate? Well, fake boyfriend or not, sounds like Ashley just got an enemy!

Lady Gossip


Linda (Elite-girl) said...


That's so sad.

HausOfGossip said...

What's pathetic? Getting a fake boyfriend or this post?

Linda (Elite-girl) said...

Getting a fake boyfriend!

Who ever you are you know I love your blog!:D

HausOfGossip said...

Agree on that. And thank-you! It's great to see somebody on here :)

Queen-of-mean. said...
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HausOfGossip said...

Well Ashley...think this way: when you receive a rummor, with proofs which are completely logicall, would you post it or NOT?

Queen-of-mean. said...

I would post it ! But I will tell people that thats one of the many rumors on stardoll !
wow I never though that someone really care that much about me ! @linda
Hes just a boy , with heart he loved me long time ago ( 2009) , since then we talk with each other at msn ! we are just friends ! nothing more ! and he like to embarrass me ! childish
here is a proof :

HausOfGossip said... the beggining of the post it says this whole thing is questionable. I really was expecting your reply cause I wanted to see your side of story too.

Anonymous said...

I think they're the same person.