Wednesday, 28 July 2010


Stardoll world slowly awakens and more and more magazines prepare their comeback/first launch. I just realised that I should make a list(no particular order):

Spoilers- :Statement Magazine- owned by looc123. The graphic and the motto are absolutely fabulous! But who will be the cover girl? You can see their official webpage and club.

Eternity. Legendary. We got to see the key-words of the issue. In case you don't know their blog click HERE and HERE for the official club.

Runaway magazine- owned by Vasia (vasia28) the comeback issue will sounds great cause this summer is all about hippie and army trends. See their page HERE.
Lipstick Magazine- The original owner, Miss_LolitaF asked Laura(Lizs) to continue the magazine. I'm really curious to see what will come out... Blog:

Donna Magazine- Molly(SmoothieLove) made a great job with the comeback number of Donna. It's really worth reading(click HERE)!

Newbys in town-

COVER Magazine- Owned by lovekuting this magazine grew right away! After it's first number with Erin (x.optimistic.x) on the cover, Miki already prepared the fall spoiler.

vaniTEEN- owned by fashionables Noralie (BabetteCouture) and Selina(fig36) this magazine was founded in july, this year, and is getting ready for its first debut. Official page HERE.

Passion Magazine- owned by iovanca and daisy-croatia it is set to come this month! I think the graphic is great!
Julie (Brumilicious) just launched her magazine "Deliverance". It's great & you can see she really put a lot of effort in it. Read it HERE.

Acording to KingOfMedia, Eccentric magazine may have its own fashionable comeback!

In other words, it seems like we'll have something to read& share our impressions about very soon!!!

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