Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Eccentric comeback!

It seems that Noelle isn't the only one to return on Stardoll scene these days. Vanessa (Star_Awards) is doing something big for Eccentric comeback! Or at least I can say that judging the amazing spoiler:I totally love the colours used and the graphic and, oh! All I can think about is "Who will be on the cover?"

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Sunday, 29 August 2010

Noelle's back!

Something caught my attention today. While I was looking at a best friend list, I saw the well-known Noelle (noelle_page) with a superstar hairstyle and with a star on the corner. Of course I visited her right away and I guessed right: she's back! Or at least that's what the last seen online, presentation and the fashionable outfit made from this summer released clothes say . Also, lots of girls than her in her guestbook for purchasing in their starbazaar. I completely understand her :) When I came back, I was spending time like crazy in starbazaar buying this and that and seeing what hot buys I've missed.
Also, I spotted in the last few days Gia (COMMESdesGARCON), Isabella (Isabella.Arci) and Chloe (Balenciaga) logging into their accounts, probably to check messages and all. You see, that's the thing about Stardoll: you feel the urge to comeback, sooner or later.

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Thursday, 26 August 2010


Before I start this post, I want to congratula Jenna for her 3000, I mean, 3012 followers at the moment!!!!!! It's a great achievement and very deserved, since Jenna is totally into SMW, helps everybody, picks great writers and makes all kinds of creative competitons! (I spotted my image. Have you spotted yours? :) )

Also, congrats to Star Dose which reached 400 followers this week! Articles are great, Formspring column it's hilarious and there's a lot of competions going on!

Now, how have you been? I'm a bit bored these days. School feels in the air, right?I really didn't find much except:
  • Manollo.DiCicco's brand new projects:

MCM Publishers

Note: Does everyone know that I'm in my country one of the most famous online fan-fiction writers? (I know I know I'm terrible modest too :)) ) Still, school is starting so soon, so I'm guessing I'm just gonna enjoy to published books at MCM :(
  • The Style Project- which I previously write about oppened it's gates. I really enjoyed the articles and I wish good luck to Maria!

Also, am I the only one who is feeling the suprapopulation of anonymous? GumBall, a future Burn Book, even a Make-Up Guru????

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Sunday, 22 August 2010

What have I missed?

Yes, I'm back and I see many things happened. First much anticipated Passion Magazine has been finally released! Graphics are amazing (especially shoes and the hairs), articles are well writen and covergirl (Vasia) looks fabulous! You totally have to read it (link)!

Also, the new Lipstick Magazine, owned now
by Lizs and co-owned Vinie99 made its debut. Well, it certainly has lots of articles, which are really interesting by the way, graphics are okay but the cover and the main theme "BACK TO SCHOOL" aren't related. Also, it's a little weird that the owner is on the cover. See the whole number HERE.
I spotted in the issue a Dioguardi Perfume, Lieve Rosa which seems to be another project of Dioguardi Group- a fragrances line. I do understand that the owner, Manolo DiCicco (I'm sure you know that Maggie is now only in charge with Dioguardi Couture, since she quited) would want to release the line in the minishop but, however, it's not like make-up which makes miracles on our dolls.
I've noticed some new fashion projects: Owned byConii987 it combines useful fashion tips with the latest trends spotted on the dollies or oppinions about celebrities style and trend reports.

Owned by Fifi(fifibannana) and Linda(Elite-girl) it's a blog where both winner and sinner outfits are being judged with a very high sense of fashion. I love this week's list because it is very well chosen.

Also, it seems like Maria( Mimi_Mami) is getting ready a surprise for us! Can't wait to see it!

Oh! Make sure to vote for the Gloss Awards. Here are the nominees (it's funny that the owner is pretty much in all categories):

Best dressed female:
Best dressed male:
Nicest person:

Best suite:
Most awesome blog:


Most amazing album:

Stardoll`s greatest elite:
Gloss Award:
--- dani --- 789

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Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Magazines release

Seems like thgis week we'll have what to read, admire and enjoy! First of all, we'll see the second part of the FALL ISSUE - COVER. As Miki (lovekuting) said a few days ago:

We'll have the "fashion" side on the next issue as well with an interview with miss writemarycat, we also have a couple more segments and another article about boys.
Well, she totally kept her promises! Second part it's DELIGHTFUL. Fashion section was more than amazing and the letters for readers were really funny. The choices...even "Fashion for him"! Still, there's more 10 pages to come, and I can't wait for it!
So, I think you already figured out who is in the spoiler: Mary!!! I totally love the graphic and the bubble gum!

Passion Magazine is set to debute, so the owners Daisy-Croatia and Iovanca are throwing a party. So far, I really like the graphics that I'm seeing:
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FG News

You all know that there are some great things happening in Mary's life, so that's the reason she didn't have time for Stardoll lately. Still, I am sure she kept it in mind and found a sollution for Fashion Group's projects while she is not on here. Christine (GothRibbon) shared us on FG official webpage that she will take care of all, after Mary named her co-owner of Fashion Group.

Well, I really wish her all the best because I'm sure this will require high effort and involvement, which she has. Congrats!

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Charlotte's death: HOAX

Okay, as I 100% sure, Charlotte's death turned to be a HOAX, made up by Teale/ Servati. This is all such a very very sick joke, but it doesn't surprise me because it comes from her. She got her 15 minutes of fame (it's enough just to take a look at the newest blogger articles) then she wrote on her presentation, shameless with different letters "HOAX":

There are rumors that Servati might not be the only one implied in this stuff. What do you think?

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Tuesday, 17 August 2010


Tragic accident?

Since this morning I got really scared about what I found in Charlotte (N1MKA4eva)'s guestbook: Servati (rumorred to be Teale) left some comments something about an accident with the trains in Paris. I knew that Charlotte has just left in vacation to Paris so of course I got really scared, seeing that hour by hour "R.I.P" messages kept appearing.

I just couldn't beleive this (and I'm still NOT) so I searched right away news related in my language, english and french. However, I didn't fin
d anything to match at all.

Well, since I'm leaving now in my mini vacation, I have to give you the links with some articles which I totally agree with:

Well, I really do tend to beleive this is whole Servati's plan, at least after I've seen the broadcasts and her message (SMW- source). But does Charlotte know any of this or Servati is just taking advantage of her vacation?

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As you certainly know, Stardoll Sense is set to re-open with a whole new concept! And what's a better way for a grand opening than a party?????

I really like the dress code and the invite as well, but I'm not sure if I will be able to attend, since I'm going in a mini vacation. Don't miss me too much, I'll come back on Sunday :)

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Monday, 16 August 2010

Super.Critic - new anonymous in town

Okay, to quote Linda (KOM) "the hottest Stardoll trend of the summer is making a anonymous account and trashing people, or just telling them something your just too scared to do on your main account".

Don't get me wrong, I'm undercover too, but I'm not doing this to trash everyone and invent gossips. I've not left when there was a chance to be discovered. In fact, I'm not hiding or
anything. I talk from this account as usual and I don't think like "Act different so they can't guess who you are" or stuff. It's just that I'm starting to be more attached by this account.

So, yep, you've guessed: it's a new week, a new anonymous! How's that? Well,
Super.Critic basically critics all the things that she doesn't like. But you have to notice that she only picks elites and says her oppinion about suite/style or medoll. She says she's undercover because using her real account would give her "too much publicity". Sureee....
Still, it's quite funny to see what she thinks about you and I really loved some of the replies:

click for enlarge
Have you been criticized yet?

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Sunday, 15 August 2010


COVER fall issue was just released! But just the first part! This was quite shocking because I counted 23 pages and I was completely sure that this was the whole number, but the owner(lovekuting) assured me that the second part will be released next week and that she intends to keep future issues as long as this.

Also, special thanks to Miki for the advertise. Few days ago she told me that COVER promotes newby projects and she taught at HOG too. The ad came out great and it really reflects my style(I love "I'm not afraid of drama" quote)!

My favourite was the beauty section, with Dei's article, make-up tips and the picks of the issue. Also, Zoe (fabulosa*4) elucidated some mysteries about Modelinia and her interview was really great to read and so is the"5 types of guys we love and hate at the same time" article.

The graphics definetely improoved but what I really want to see is the fashion section, because even first part was great models wore mostly lingerie and I really want to see some fashionable outfits too.

See the issue HERE.

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Dusted with Beauty!

I'm very happy to announce you that one on my dreams came true on here. What is it? I love beauty contests and I do entry in many of them. But this time, at Blake(-Pop_Tart-)'s brand new contest, Dusted With Beauty it will de different. Why? Well, because I'm one of the judges ^.^

I always wanted to be a judge so when Blake asked me I couldn't say 'no' because I just loved the concept too. To see what I'm talking about, click here. Also, don't forget to apply !!!

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It's....Baya's blog!!!!

Ok, I'm loving Baya's new project , her own blog about her Stardoll life. It's quite similar to Elite Diary but what I really found genious was... the gallery! It's just like a photo album with Baya's best memories on here and I really enjoyed it.

Congratulations and good luck, Baya!

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Saturday, 14 August 2010


Okay, someone is really playing with my NERVES. And I'm trying to follow my mantra "Calm down!" but I'm kinda pissed of. A POSER now???? I'm so done with this! mmci, I'm not giving you another 15 minutes of fame, that's all I'm saying. Take this as a WARNING.

I'm really not in the mood of a war because my best friend is going through some hard times so I have to be there for her. That's the reason the grand oppening party of NO STRESS will be post-poned. I have everything ready, but I'm sure you understand me. You would do the same thing if you were me, right? So, brownies night for me, which I hope will make me forget about this whole...WHATEVER.

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Friday, 13 August 2010


Hm...I watch at the blank space of the post title. What to name it? There are soo many not so nice things to name. I chose "...".

First of all, it's a pitty that soo many things happened when I had to organise and enjoy my REAL life. Anonymous get her 15 minutes of f
ame, but there's no need to be shout to not post those crap anymore. Seriously, when I saw third round a few minutes ago I was purelly discusted and I was not planning to write another word about this. I have some very strong principles and I can't just broke them like this.

I just couldn't stand the fact that such a nice person as Marcela would be bashed in this way. She confronted all this in a very lady-like and I con
gratulate her for that:

But why couldn't anonymous write this on PSG or KOM? Well, that's the question that I put in the first place. And the answer basically screamed out loud in my head: TO BASH THIS BLOG TOO. Why? Well, when you see plenty of you think tipically: "little blog-invent a scandal-gets publicity".

And that's exactly why the opposite thing I've created this blog for. I didn't seek fame, or high-life or tons of followers. I just wanted a fair gossip blog, trying to have all the gossips around here true.

Of course everyone would except me to leave this behind, delete the blog and use relaxed my main account. WRONG. I'm not a failure or even scared by that. I'm not hiding behind this mask because I'm afraid of saying my opinnions. If there is something I've learned in these years of life, is that you have ups and downs. And I had worse break-downs, being stabbed behind my back. So, when I started this I was ready to handle cowards and haters. I talked to many extraordinary people on this account and I'm guessing they really know that I wouldn't get that low& pathetic.

Also, after Baya's post on PSG seems like anonymous has some "hide behind mom's skirt" syndrome. I mean, why else would she be sorry and want to get all posts deleted? NO post is getting DELETED on this blog. You were seeking for attention, you got it. But what you don't know is that it comes with it's price.

I made my point and I've learned my lesson. What is the it? Moderate the comments!

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Thursday, 12 August 2010


Okay. Let me make it clear that in the moment I wrote the previous post I had an very important place to be (clue: it rhymes with "birthday party"- thank you Miki and Erin for making my day with warm words by the way!) and judging by graphic I wrote that.

Of course I had my doubts but there was no time to develop "the copy cat" story. I've promised myself to elucidate the mystery when I get home,
but the first anonymous felt it was right to make justice on her own, so she posted some other things about Marcela and a spoiler of bash on Keira-V. I don't know if I'm just not talented with this or anything but it seriously doesn't take me 5 minutes to make a Hello Kitty T-shirt.

Also, she is not very good at math. A stardesign dress costs 11 stardollars
and Marcela sells them for 18. So that would be a 7 stardollars earned. But, Geez! Is it such a horrible crime?Do you have to justify yourself because of that?Hate the dress-don't buy it. Jealous much? Make your own "5 min stardesign". Overreacting way too much...And in a horrid way using these kind of graphics. Why in the world would be naked users related with stardoll designs?

Oh..she also planning on opening a blog:

The question is:readers seeker or just someone who wants to make justice judging by her own thoughts?

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Okay...I appreciate the curtoasy of posting the hints on this blog....but everything has a limit. What's about this time?

Well, him/her claims that filipinhamaria and llcooljason (who are back again BY THE WAY) are over because Filipa is cheating on him. Now seriously, I don't beleive this. And I'm so sorry for my lack of memory but who is Richard? CRAP.

Though, let's apreciate the fact that model wears underwear this time (only upside is censoured).

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Tuesday, 10 August 2010


Ok, this thought is hunting me for some time so I woke up this morning in the mood to start it. It's a nightclub, which I called NO STRESS.

Why? Well, I really want to take advantage of the days remaining in this vacation and throw as many parties I can. Let's revibe Stardoll!!! Also, I noticied that we only have one nightclub French Flamingo, which is great, but remember the times with bunch of clubs???

We will have our first party! And I really have big plans! Parties organisied in the tiniest detail!

What about the first party? Well, I chose a theme which everyone can show their personality. For example, I can wear floral prints but you can wear animal or geometrical...maybe even a Tom&Jerry print! You're free to choose your own print, since these have been another trend of the summer.

For more information visit official website and club's account.

Thoughts? I really apreciate feedback, negative or positive. Also, I would really apreciate to post invite on your blogs :)

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Monday, 9 August 2010

Maggie's baack

It seems that Maggie(findurlove) came back on Stardoll, judging by her statement on the Dioguardi Group official site.

First change: the layout of the blog.
Maggie seems to be ''refreshed and rejuvenated'' and wants to launch lots of projects in Dollywood.

Will she make it?

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Miki(lovekuting) posted today on COVER official site a spoiler of the FALL issue. Well, graphics are improoving and content seems to be interesiting. Can't wait to see the whole number released! Cover girl is yoTOO and I can spot an interview with Zoe(fabulosa*04) too.

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Sunday, 8 August 2010


Nope. It wasn't like the first time I saw Moni Moni Bag and I felt the urge to have it. It's a tons times better.

In her goodbye post on SMW Mary shared the spoiler or SFW. The model is Nicole(coconut_nicole) of course. But what is she wearing???? One of Mary's creations from her line, Seventy One.

I'm deeply in love with this dress! I mean, take a look at the perfect mixture or prints and texture. And even the detail of the creme fishnet. Oh...and the shoes!!!Not to mention the high quality of the graphics, as Mary always does.

I feel this is only the beggining of something AMAIZING and I really hope Stardoll won't be lazy and release some of SFW creations!!!!

Didn't your excitement grow? I can't find mine. It's probably somewhere in space.

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The ERIN FO project

Mary(writemarycat) and Egle(vampire_)'s new project, a fashion blog (State of Fashion) supports now The ERIN FO PROJECT.

What's this all about? Well, Erin (x.optimistic.x) thought at a project that could bring into the spotlight users with lot of fashion sense and talent. So, winners will have the chance to be featured on State of Fashion with their fabulous outfit and an interview.

For more informations, click here.

Have you applied or intend to?

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SFW Face IS....

I'm sure you've already heard but I feel to remind you that.....SFW Face has been anounced today by Mary.... And I'm talking about.....Nicole (coconut_nicole)!!!!

Sincere congratulations! I totally love her face&style! She really deserved it!!!!

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Marcela's hater

So, one weekend away and so many things happened? I found two interesting comments:Marcela was nothing but kind to me so far, so if anonymous thought that I'll support this gossip, he/she would be really wrong.

It's clearly that we have a very common case of hate and jealousy. On Marcela and her
new line aswell. But doing this kind of graphics???? Pic bellow is censoured, you can see the original here: i36.tinypic.com/162aej9.gif

Still, I'm confussed in one matter. Why has the comment been posted here? What will be the next target blog for another possible strike of the anonymous?

PS: Note how "Marcela" is spelled and "dive" ^.^

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Thursday, 5 August 2010


From some unknown reason my mail box didn't go red yesterday so I didn't know about the SNEAK PEAK that Miki (lovekuting) sent to me.

So...this month we will be able to read and enjoy a new number! But who will be the cover girl of COVER?

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Fashion Group Party!!!

Fashion Group is having it's first own fashionable PARTY!!! The party will be held at FF.Nightclub and something very important will be revealed: who is the face of Stardoll Fashion Week!!!

I simply LOVE the dress code and the invitation itself (made by Mary, of course ^.^).

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Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Big news!

Hello everyone! Long time no post, right? Sorry, but it hasn't been so much gossip lately. Anyway, I got something to compensate this thing: HausOfGossip it's oficially media partner or SFW (Stardoll Fashion Week)!!!!

In case you've missed the last article, here are some quick facts(from the official site):
SFW is a project launched by Fashion Group in July, 2010 and even before the start of the week, it has become very popular and even Stardoll.com knows about it!

Fashion Week is a seasonal show and the main collections are up in September (Spring-Summer of the next year), and February (Fall-Winter of the next year). Cruise and haute couture are in, as well!

The main idea of it is to collect a lot of creative people in the same place, time, and with the same opportunities. Everyone will be in: fashion bloggers, magazine editors, media partners, assistants, stylist, designers... ahh the creative atmosphere! And also - it doesn't depend if you're in Fashion Group or elsewhere. Fashion Group is just giving it's staff and organizing the whole thing, but it's Stardoll Fashion Week. Stardoll.
I'm super excited! Don't forget to get you daily dose of SFW this week from Stardoll's Most Wanted where Mary& Becka will exclusively give us some spoilers and details!!!

Also, click HERE if you want to be the face of SFW!!!!

PS: At one good friend sugesstion, text colour is darker now :)

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Monday, 2 August 2010

Stardoll's Super Sweet Sixteen+SFW

I just came across to
Elite Network's new project, "Stardoll's Super Sweet Sixteen", created by Psychotic-Freak.

Sounds like fun to me! They are already looking for 10 people to have their own episode in the first season. What are you waiting for? Go apply here.

Also, Stardoll Most Wanted has an exclusive week of "SFW TAKE OVER 2010" where spoilers about SFW will be revealed. To see the first entry,written by Mary(writemarycat) and how the runaway will look like click here.

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ZOMBIE much?

Ok, ever since the fact that Filipa and Jason broke up showed up this weird girl, DEATHBYSECRETS. She claims to be METAPHORICALY dead, this being the explaination for the black everywhere. Acording to her, Filipa betrayed her in the past and now she wants revenge. Really? It's cleary that Filipa doesn't feel well in these days and and then comes this zombie or whatever harrassing her.

Note the fact the "death" person it's very unstable. In a minute she tells she wants to end Filipa and in another she wants to help her, by writing in Jenna's guest book. Aw, poor thing. Who beleives you?
Attention seeker, psycho or both?


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Recherche released!

Recherche magazine has been released! I keep telling myself that it's getting better and better. I love the first article and the fact that magazine concentrated on the covergirl, Liajm. And by that I mean the other two articles, with useful tips from Mel or the "Star Dose". Of course I enjoyed reading the other articles too, like "Dark or Feminine" and I must mention the amazing graphics.

You can read it here.


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Sunday, 1 August 2010

Alice: army chic

Besides florals, I love army trend too! And Alice (hunnigall) really knows how to wear it!

I love the oufitt, from head to toe. Everything matches and completes and I think the yellow bag from PPQ&Mayfair it's a great way to accesorize the whole oufitt. Also, notice how the LE chain combines all textures of the oufitt togheter!

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Birthday girl: vasia28

Today, 2nd of August it's Vasia's birthday! I wish her a great day, full of surprises! Happy birthday!

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