Monday, 16 August 2010

Super.Critic - new anonymous in town

Okay, to quote Linda (KOM) "the hottest Stardoll trend of the summer is making a anonymous account and trashing people, or just telling them something your just too scared to do on your main account".

Don't get me wrong, I'm undercover too, but I'm not doing this to trash everyone and invent gossips. I've not left when there was a chance to be discovered. In fact, I'm not hiding or
anything. I talk from this account as usual and I don't think like "Act different so they can't guess who you are" or stuff. It's just that I'm starting to be more attached by this account.

So, yep, you've guessed: it's a new week, a new anonymous! How's that? Well,
Super.Critic basically critics all the things that she doesn't like. But you have to notice that she only picks elites and says her oppinion about suite/style or medoll. She says she's undercover because using her real account would give her "too much publicity". Sureee....
Still, it's quite funny to see what she thinks about you and I really loved some of the replies:

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Have you been criticized yet?

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♥ Samantha ♥ Vinnie99 ♥ said...

Another Wanna Be. Sad People

Exxa said...

Im Loving Tylerisbold reply xD