Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Magazines release

Seems like thgis week we'll have what to read, admire and enjoy! First of all, we'll see the second part of the FALL ISSUE - COVER. As Miki (lovekuting) said a few days ago:

We'll have the "fashion" side on the next issue as well with an interview with miss writemarycat, we also have a couple more segments and another article about boys.
Well, she totally kept her promises! Second part it's DELIGHTFUL. Fashion section was more than amazing and the letters for readers were really funny. The choices...even "Fashion for him"! Still, there's more 10 pages to come, and I can't wait for it!
So, I think you already figured out who is in the spoiler: Mary!!! I totally love the graphic and the bubble gum!

Passion Magazine is set to debute, so the owners Daisy-Croatia and Iovanca are throwing a party. So far, I really like the graphics that I'm seeing:
Lady Gossip

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miki/lovekuting said...

thanks for featuring COVER :) THANKS THANKS THANKS!