Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Big news!

Hello everyone! Long time no post, right? Sorry, but it hasn't been so much gossip lately. Anyway, I got something to compensate this thing: HausOfGossip it's oficially media partner or SFW (Stardoll Fashion Week)!!!!

In case you've missed the last article, here are some quick facts(from the official site):
SFW is a project launched by Fashion Group in July, 2010 and even before the start of the week, it has become very popular and even knows about it!

Fashion Week is a seasonal show and the main collections are up in September (Spring-Summer of the next year), and February (Fall-Winter of the next year). Cruise and haute couture are in, as well!

The main idea of it is to collect a lot of creative people in the same place, time, and with the same opportunities. Everyone will be in: fashion bloggers, magazine editors, media partners, assistants, stylist, designers... ahh the creative atmosphere! And also - it doesn't depend if you're in Fashion Group or elsewhere. Fashion Group is just giving it's staff and organizing the whole thing, but it's Stardoll Fashion Week. Stardoll.
I'm super excited! Don't forget to get you daily dose of SFW this week from Stardoll's Most Wanted where Mary& Becka will exclusively give us some spoilers and details!!!

Also, click HERE if you want to be the face of SFW!!!!

PS: At one good friend sugesstion, text colour is darker now :)

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