Friday, 13 August 2010


Hm...I watch at the blank space of the post title. What to name it? There are soo many not so nice things to name. I chose "...".

First of all, it's a pitty that soo many things happened when I had to organise and enjoy my REAL life. Anonymous get her 15 minutes of f
ame, but there's no need to be shout to not post those crap anymore. Seriously, when I saw third round a few minutes ago I was purelly discusted and I was not planning to write another word about this. I have some very strong principles and I can't just broke them like this.

I just couldn't stand the fact that such a nice person as Marcela would be bashed in this way. She confronted all this in a very lady-like and I con
gratulate her for that:

But why couldn't anonymous write this on PSG or KOM? Well, that's the question that I put in the first place. And the answer basically screamed out loud in my head: TO BASH THIS BLOG TOO. Why? Well, when you see plenty of you think tipically: "little blog-invent a scandal-gets publicity".

And that's exactly why the opposite thing I've created this blog for. I didn't seek fame, or high-life or tons of followers. I just wanted a fair gossip blog, trying to have all the gossips around here true.

Of course everyone would except me to leave this behind, delete the blog and use relaxed my main account. WRONG. I'm not a failure or even scared by that. I'm not hiding behind this mask because I'm afraid of saying my opinnions. If there is something I've learned in these years of life, is that you have ups and downs. And I had worse break-downs, being stabbed behind my back. So, when I started this I was ready to handle cowards and haters. I talked to many extraordinary people on this account and I'm guessing they really know that I wouldn't get that low& pathetic.

Also, after Baya's post on PSG seems like anonymous has some "hide behind mom's skirt" syndrome. I mean, why else would she be sorry and want to get all posts deleted? NO post is getting DELETED on this blog. You were seeking for attention, you got it. But what you don't know is that it comes with it's price.

I made my point and I've learned my lesson. What is the it? Moderate the comments!

Lady Gossip


FierceIsMyThing said...

very well said! I support you 100%!

miki/lovekuting said...

there will always be people that would try to bring you down. and no matter what you say their jealousy is far seethed in their retarded brains that they won't be able to comprehend any of it. keep your head high. i love your blog. you have supporters and that's what counts.

Jessica/Jay.Pattinson said...

I don't think pepole should be telling you to stop posting stuff or to delete posts.

I mean, I understand why they say that. But you're not the one that is doing those horrible things.

What you are doing is posting the current stuff that are hapening! It's not your fault if it's good or bad.

The person that made those horrible graphics should just reveal herself insted of posting it has Anonymous (I don't remember if she said her user name before or not, but still).