Sunday, 29 August 2010

Noelle's back!

Something caught my attention today. While I was looking at a best friend list, I saw the well-known Noelle (noelle_page) with a superstar hairstyle and with a star on the corner. Of course I visited her right away and I guessed right: she's back! Or at least that's what the last seen online, presentation and the fashionable outfit made from this summer released clothes say . Also, lots of girls than her in her guestbook for purchasing in their starbazaar. I completely understand her :) When I came back, I was spending time like crazy in starbazaar buying this and that and seeing what hot buys I've missed.
Also, I spotted in the last few days Gia (COMMESdesGARCON), Isabella (Isabella.Arci) and Chloe (Balenciaga) logging into their accounts, probably to check messages and all. You see, that's the thing about Stardoll: you feel the urge to comeback, sooner or later.

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