Tuesday, 10 August 2010


Ok, this thought is hunting me for some time so I woke up this morning in the mood to start it. It's a nightclub, which I called NO STRESS.

Why? Well, I really want to take advantage of the days remaining in this vacation and throw as many parties I can. Let's revibe Stardoll!!! Also, I noticied that we only have one nightclub French Flamingo, which is great, but remember the times with bunch of clubs???

We will have our first party! And I really have big plans! Parties organisied in the tiniest detail!

What about the first party? Well, I chose a theme which everyone can show their personality. For example, I can wear floral prints but you can wear animal or geometrical...maybe even a Tom&Jerry print! You're free to choose your own print, since these have been another trend of the summer.

For more information visit official website and club's account.

Thoughts? I really apreciate feedback, negative or positive. Also, I would really apreciate to post invite on your blogs :)

Lady Gossip


Jay.Pattinson said...

Sounds great, I'll try to be there :D

Anonymous said...

Hawt Gossip!!!!!!!!!

Check out these pics of flipimaria!
wow i dont think they will be together long!



Anonymous said...

Hawt gossip!!!!!!!!!!!!

Check out the pick i saw sent from filipmaria they r over!


miki/lovekuting said...

good luck on the night club!