Sunday, 15 August 2010


COVER fall issue was just released! But just the first part! This was quite shocking because I counted 23 pages and I was completely sure that this was the whole number, but the owner(lovekuting) assured me that the second part will be released next week and that she intends to keep future issues as long as this.

Also, special thanks to Miki for the advertise. Few days ago she told me that COVER promotes newby projects and she taught at HOG too. The ad came out great and it really reflects my style(I love "I'm not afraid of drama" quote)!

My favourite was the beauty section, with Dei's article, make-up tips and the picks of the issue. Also, Zoe (fabulosa*4) elucidated some mysteries about Modelinia and her interview was really great to read and so is the"5 types of guys we love and hate at the same time" article.

The graphics definetely improoved but what I really want to see is the fashion section, because even first part was great models wore mostly lingerie and I really want to see some fashionable outfits too.

See the issue HERE.

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♥ Samantha ♥ Vinnie99 ♥ said...

The Graphics Are Amazing. Congratz

miki/lovekuting said...

thanks for featuring cover, and i'm really glad you like the ad. ;) we'll have the "fashion" side on the next issue as well with an interview with miss writemarycat, we also have a couple more segments and another article about boys :) so keep tuned we still have more to come :)