Monday, 27 September 2010


I promised myself that I'll be back by SFW, and I took the best decission. TAKE A LOOK AT THE SCHEDULE: Credit to the schedule: SMW
This is going to be SO CRAZYYY! We have tons of collections with notorious names all over, Runaway Release, Eccentric Release, Allure, VaniTEEN , Recherche and a big surprise: E!

I'm so honoured to be a media partner and I'm gonna give my opinion on every single piece. This week it's all about my fashion blogger side. I'm planning a WHOLE MARATHON of posts!

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Saturday, 18 September 2010


I'm feeling quite a heavy air on Stardoll scene these days. In the past few months many users left Stardoll, although I think it's temporarlly- been there, done that.

Last week it was Eugene-EugenieS.(Remember that she was the cover girl for Eternity's spring number?)

This time is Lolita- Miss_LolitaF. I'm sure she will be back although I saw in PSG comment area that there is this site- The Real Lolita. I saw some "Anonymousies" prooving that she is from Albania, not USA, and it is kind of odd she left after that, but seeing the conversation Linda
posted on KOM I don't think this was really the reason. What's your oppinion?

Also, Mary dropped by today on Stardoll, but who knows if she is really ready to come back yet?

Jenna (emorox4eva) also admitted in a SMW post that she is also considerring this in the future and this is really bad news, because I honestly don't know how will be Stardoll community without SMW, even for a short period :(

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Monday, 13 September 2010

Misterious writer for Eccentric?

With only few days before Eccentric's big comeback, Vanessa had to share an exclusive for our little Haus of Gossip: Eccentric is also having a special guest writer! Who is s/he? Excited much to see the issue???

Share your thoughts and suppositions in comments :)

PS: Spoiler again in case you have missed it:

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SFW Spoiler-2

I know. I'm terrible but I have never been so busy with school in my entire life. I can barely log on my main account IN WEEKENDS, not to mention this one. I must confess that I'm seriously considerring taking a very short break, only until SFW (I definetely can't miss THAT!) to clear up my mind and focus on the main thing going in my life right now.

This second spoiler of SFW made by amazing Ciara (ciaraleanne) and modeled by SFW face Nicole (coconut_nicole) made me think that I took the right decision :)

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Wednesday, 8 September 2010


It's Alice(hunnigall)'s 15th aniversary today! Sometimes a picture can worth a thousand of words :)
Happy birthday!
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Wednesday, 1 September 2010

TTT Competiton

I'm so so sorry I forgot to post about this HUGE competiton that Tyler organised to thank TTT's faithfull followers. The theme is preppy style and the judges are Tyler and...Style_Magazine!!! Also, the prize is... oh well! I can't find my words! Just take a look of what the winner will receive: And you're still thinking? Click HERE to enter the competiton. Good luck!

Also, what do you think about this?

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Oh my!

I was reading genious blog King Of Media when I saw some very good news! Vanessa is also bringging back the AMAZING Star Awards. Remember the ceremonies, the categories, the glam outfits? But that's not ALL! She and Lolita (Miss_LolitaF) co-own now the awards and they are ready a show at a very high level.

Now, I don't know how it sounds to you, but I'm more than excited! Also, make sure you get the latest news about it

Something else that caught my attention today was the vaniTeen spoiler:
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