Saturday, 18 September 2010


I'm feeling quite a heavy air on Stardoll scene these days. In the past few months many users left Stardoll, although I think it's temporarlly- been there, done that.

Last week it was Eugene-EugenieS.(Remember that she was the cover girl for Eternity's spring number?)

This time is Lolita- Miss_LolitaF. I'm sure she will be back although I saw in PSG comment area that there is this site- The Real Lolita. I saw some "Anonymousies" prooving that she is from Albania, not USA, and it is kind of odd she left after that, but seeing the conversation Linda
posted on KOM I don't think this was really the reason. What's your oppinion?

Also, Mary dropped by today on Stardoll, but who knows if she is really ready to come back yet?

Jenna (emorox4eva) also admitted in a SMW post that she is also considerring this in the future and this is really bad news, because I honestly don't know how will be Stardoll community without SMW, even for a short period :(

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blueberry-dream said...

EugenieS wasn't CG for Eternity's spring issue...