Thursday, 8 July 2010

The Stardoll Elite Awards

Stardoll Elite Awards is another project of ICon Company, founded by Bruno (kxcatarinaxk). I am already picturing the glamorous oufitts and the winners... There has been a press conference yesterday and now Bruno shared, oficially, voting categories. These are:
Most Loved Famale- 4 nominees
Most Loved Male- 4 nominees
Most Loved User –2 nominees
The Fashion Elite Award- 4 nominees
Biggest Persona- 4 nominees
Drama Queen/King-4 nominees
Interior decorater-4 nominees
Magazine furor – 4 nominees
Stardoll Artist-4 nominees
Blog Buzz- 4 nominees
The Elite Award- 8 nominees

You have to nominate ONLY one person at each category, in comments. Go HERE to understand the votting sistem better.

Anxious? Who are you going to vote for?

Lady Gossip

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