Tuesday, 13 July 2010

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Hellor, dears! Sorry for not posting but I'm out of town, in my vacation and I olnly got like, 15 minutes a day to check my mails and Stardoll latest gossip. Anyways, I made sometime to show you them:

  • Late Night With Chad- Chad (MadWorld) has a project going on! It's about a gossip blog combined with fashion and interviews. Also, there an interesenting article about "Miss Stardoll" pagent.
  • Also, you must read the newest article of BMK blog+the comments.
  • PSG is looking for a new writer! Miss_LolitaF just made the public today. To apply click HERE.
  • Linda (aka kingOfMedia) discovered something: Teale is backkkk?>
  • Basing on the fact that "negative publicity is STILL publicity" Ashley (queen-of-mean.) made her first appereance on Elite News
  • Also , Tyler( PonijsLV) wrote his first history post about Stardoll. Go check it out!
Well......I hope I make time in these 2 weeks to post something :)

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