Wednesday, 7 July 2010

To_Royal's party

It was an interesting party last night, at Dei's place. Extravagant oufitts, karaoke session (Right Vasia, Marco and Fay?), love statements (we saw it, Ashley!),dance(with a cool playlist also) and something about me and my origin. Just to make it clear, I didn't mind at all your comments. I completely undrstand them cause every single day there comes a new anonymous blogger claiming that wants old Stardoll back. Well, we all want it!

So, all I'm asking is to give this blog a chance too and let the time judge :).

I tried to make a "best-dressed list" cause I am, as well, a fan of those. Unfortunately, not everyone kept their oufitts after the party, so I couldn't print screen some.


The host. It's an unwritten rule to shine at your party and Dei totally made it!I love the good use of various necklaces and the ilusion of the feathers!


Emma chose to wear an outstanding dress made from 2 RC MKA and some tulle skirts. I love the accents of the jewerly and the feather from her hair it's a nice touch.


Linda went for white! I love the whole look! She has, for sure, tons of creatvity cause I have seen her at many parties with extraordinary oufitts.

-Marco. (Marco)
His look definetely matches the dress code! It's funky, creative and a little akward at the same time! It's just him.

Welsh_witch (Rhiannon)
I love the way she pulled the look with the kohl scarf. Even the colour tires me a little (because of the deco) the snake and little silver hat match great!

If you do have some other print screen please let me know.

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