Monday, 21 February 2011

What has Stardoll come to?

This is unbearble. All these past few months...I was chatting to a friend lately and she was like "I went at a party last night. Didn't recognize anyone". Don't get me wrong, it's a free world, a free site( well, not actually free- we all end up being superstar membership junkies at some point) and if so many people discovevered elitism lately good for them!

But Oh God, they all do these cheap dramas involving hacking like MizzCyrus chick and they are so carefree, like they whore themselves out "I WANT FAME. GIVE IT TO ME. THAT'S ALL I WANT". I think that even this post, in which I talk about this is wrong because that's an indirect way of promoting these events. I beleive that some of the new people are really ruining our Stardoll allure, our old Paper Doll Heaven. It's more like hell now!

The only positive aspects I can find is the return of Perez and MeDollMemoires because these are the most inspirational blogs for me and they are so perfect and full of life lately, especially with all the new writers hired (to be noted: GIA, because Stardoll's True Elite was the only thing that could make me laugh at some point of my Stardoll life).

But now, all THIS PHENOMENON has gotten to MY FAVOURITE BLOGS!

Let's start in alphabetical order, shall we?
Me Doll Memoiries- Charming. Cultivates free spirit. Creative. Owned by some lovely ladies and lots of amazing writers until....

A. Ysadora Powers- not gonna discus this matter. I think everything was said. Noelle acted admirably, like when I saw that post I was 100% sure that she is going to do the right thing because she has something called MORAL VALUES, which I rarely see nowadays. But then how on Earth????.... getting to the point:

B. Hire& keep this girl called Stacy? Okay , I don't have an amazing grammar myself, that's why I double check ! But write with some kind of slang on MeDollMemories? Please, that's like one of the few things left with some kind of principles on here! But wait, here's the most annoying part: I just saw a brand new post written by her, in which she advertises her new project.

I don't really blame her for that, that's not the end of the world, but the idea of the project itself is...OLD. I actually see a similarity between this and the Hall Of Fame of Mary Kate's and I also noticed someone in MDM's comment section telling it's like the A-List and I tend to beleive it is a sort of combination.

Then the list is...? How to put you, as a co-owner on the elite list? Not to mention some other names I've never heard of...Moving on...

-my Gossip Bible. My first blog love. It inspired me to create this (epic fail haha :D) Add the founder's return...Woah! I was ECSTATIC! And then Gia is hired! What could be better?
Promise of a Perez Radio?Toxxic Perez Beauty blog?

Well, I certainly know to highlight the bad parts:
- Fake drama. But now really, how on Earth, if you were Jack would you think to blame Lolita for that? The newcomers totally misunderstood her character so they seem to blame her for everything which seems pretty funny and annoying because they're so far far away from truth!

Again, a leading lady handled everything FLAWLESS! Chapeau bas, Perez!

- Comments section or gladiatorial arenas?
No, we don't have such things as Mary arguing with FakeShake and 300 comments per post. We have such things as OFF TOPIC ARGUMENTS , all started by the wannabes.


"Hey everyone. I got hacked."
"I got my account back"
"I got hacked again!"
"I'm making some cupcakes right now"

Note: Those are not really Jack's sayings but I'm to lazy to go and pick some, but that's pretty much what I understood.

- Picking up on Gia! I read such things as "Gia is craving for fame" ,"She is whoring herself out" and shit even from remarcable people like Nicole (tapstar321).

This girl has discovered Dollywood long time before you all even had 100 starpoints ( This is not a way of calling Gia a Stardoll granny at all by the way) and your impression is that she is a wannabe?

Gia has a COLOSAL sence of humour, that's the real deal and that was a more like a fun post, because we all have wonderred that at some point, even if we had all the evidence that we're talking about different people. I just call it faith, discovering someone online who you have so much in common with!

Also, I would add that Jenny acted quite creepy and even Lolita when she defended her friends, but that's not really a lot to blame, cause I assume they don't know the old Gia- same Gia as ever I suppose :)

So, with that I spilled all my anger and frustrations out. And even if I had left Stardoll already, I would still find myself checking up blogger so that's how I discovered everything. That said, I'm saying goodbye to my OLD Stardoll forever. Stardoll is generally.
Rest in peace,



Marykate said...

Thank you,dear for making me see.
These last days I wasn't really active on here,but now it's time,don't you think?
the comment is sent on their blog,and we will see..

PerezStarGossip said...

Lol this is some funny shiz! These Gia haters just make me laugh because most of them will never be as funny, creative, and relevant as she is ON THEIR BEST DAY so they can have a seat, kthnxbye!

Miss_LolitaF said...

Welcome back,
I really have another blog on the list of my favorite blogs now, this blog.
I do love it.

xxevie23xx said...

Uh oh, time to go on a guilt trip...Rofl, no, this is a fantastic blog and am loving the post :)