Thursday, 25 November 2010


Note: This post has been writen 2 weeks ago but due to the fact I'm such a chicken I'm publishing it now.

WHY did I started this? I was plainly bored of how gossip & drama were quite dead this summer (of course KOM and Baya on PSG spiced up the things after that) and I had something to say. But it's obious people don't read gossip blogs unless that person it's anonymous (AT LEAST at first).

What happened after that was ..I don't know if luck or trust that I'd make this blog better but I made lots of friends on my second account so I was just fascinated.

Note: I was very gifted to be supported by so many people at the beggining like Mary (special thanks to her because ...ah well....I talked to her barely one day and I told her all the story. She read me right away and I'm so sad she isn't here anymore) , NIkki, Mikki, Erin, Maggie, Noj, MariaBaya and Linda with their review on my blog and I'm sorry I haven't talked to some lately, it's just I don't remember my skype password on HausOfGossip :|

All those new anonymous people who went public in the last few's not that easy you know? It was visible that they just seeked FAME. I, on the other hand seeked another f word, FUN, but FRIENDS came as a bonus.

It's not such a huge mystery who I am anyways, pretty much everyone knows (I'm so bad at keeping secrets when it comes to myself ):P but noone is interessted about this blog anymore thing I 100% understand.

WHY? Well, I truly admire gossip bloggers but I discovered I'm not the gossip material (when I wrote that editorial about Baya in Eccentric I first accepted it to be honest) when I started to get attached to some people. They told me so many secrets you know, and it seemed rude to me to even think posting a suggestion or a hint about their secret. There's a THIN line between finding a secret and turning it into a gossip so yes, there might be times when you're tempted so I said "ENOUGH. Maybe I just need a break of gossip blogging".

Also a fact is that I'm more keen on fashion blogging so I really think I have the best skills in that and that I should focus my main talent on that.

I DO... Respect gossip bloggers though cause they're really beyond humans in some situations. Everyone loves reading some intrigues , let's just face it, but there are only a few who actually WRITE it.

PUBLICITY? Of course I didn't leave the whole Marcela thing Marcela that UNSOLVED .But what it would have helped me or the blog if I'd reveal such a stupid person like maneikaite. Mhm...right?? Heard about her? I laughed when I saw she thinks at herself so popular since she has an 130 followers blog. So she just wanted some more followers I think hehehehhh.

I just wanna say I'm really sorry to my 73 followers and every person who visited this blog. I really don't deserve you guys because I let all this fade away. It's just that doesn't represent me anymore and it seemed fair of me to tell you that . I feel like I FAILED and sure, this blog didn't make a history, but I just hope this words will somehow get to your mind. Thank you so much for having the patience to read it.



Anonymous said...

u can keep re-posting this stupid posts and nobody won't give a fuck.
u and ur stupid blog are lame. nobody cares.

HausOfGossip said...

Hehehehehhe. Good laughter in deed. Well you do care since you read this :) Aw, what's wrong? No one reads YOUR blog? So sorry, maybe you should learn comment with your blogger account and stop being sooo SCARED. I don't usually BITE, you know?

This comment was really inspirational :) Makes you realize how some people are in denial just because they're blinded by envy.