Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Another one bites the dust?

Missed me? My departure was so rude because I didn't even write a good-bye post but that was for a reason: I considerred the option I may come back at Lady Gossip and you know what they say "Old habbits die hard". I have attended SFW and..what a week! I loved the collections (team Ostentantious!!!), magazines- I came to support Eccentric's comeback since I was so honoured that Vanessa asked me to write a column and I also took a look on starbazaar collections.

Photo from Stardoll Gossip Guy July archive

You all know this summer was full of all kinds of anonymous and undercover people (you have an example right under your very eyes :D). One of them was Noah (TheGossipGuy) who owns Stardoll Gossip Guy . Our blogs were founded quite the same time so we did get along and he seemed really nice. Few days ago I decided to see what he's up to but...SURPRISE! His account was gone and digging more I've noticied that his last entry on the blog was on 28th August.

So, did he move on, choosing to remain another Stardoll mystery or he is just taking a break, like many of us did?

Lady Gossip

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